Better Sex Through Sensual Game Playing

Better Sex Through Sensual Game Playing
By John Dugan

Good sex is great, but is “good enough” sex really good enough? Often people who have been sexually involved with each other for a long period of time may find that their sex lives fall into a little bit of a rut – it’s fine, but it could be better sex. And the same can be true for some couples who are just starting out; there may be a little something missing, perhaps because they feel a little shy or unsure of themselves. Assuming penis health or another problem is not an issue, there’s no reason that such couples shouldn’t be enjoying even better sex – and one way to help achieve that goal could be to incorporate sex games into bedtime activities.

Sex games are a fun way to add a little spice back into sex play or to help “break the ice” among those still getting to know each other. There are dozens of games out there that a couple can use in search of better sex. Here are a few that they can consider to get themselves started:

  • Strip anything. Almost everyone knows about strip poker, in which people play cards but instead of betting with money, they bet with pieces of clothing. But the fact is that there are numerous other games that can incorporate stripping. For example, get a pair of dice and have each person pick a number – say, five for him, eight for her. Roll the dice. Every time a five comes up, he takes off a piece of clothing and the same for her when eight is rolled. Or to make it more fun, let her take off his piece of clothing when five is rolled and he take off hers when eight is rolled.
  • Distracted wooden tower. Take one of those stackable wooden towers and put it together. As with normal play, the trick is to remove pieces of the tower without it falling down. The challenge in this version is that as the player is trying to remove the piece, their partner is rubbing and massaging their genitals to distract them.
  • Penis ring toss. The man picks out five sex positions and assigns each one a number, without letting the partner know what they are. He then stands with a firmly erect penis while the partner tosses five plastic hoops, trying to get them to land on his penis. If, say, three end up around the penis, they then have sex using whatever position was assigned the number three.
  • Orgasm race. The partners masturbate each other, trying to make the other reach orgasm first. Vibrators and other sex toys may be used. Determine an appropriate prize for whoever wins – whether it’s sexual, like getting to determine what sex position to use the next time they have sex or practical, like taking out the garbage.
  • Sexy slips. Each partner takes several slips of paper and writes on each one of them something sexy he wants the other to do, e.g. “Tie me up with stockings” or “Service me orally at the breakfast table” or “Masturbate in front of me.” Each partner draws a slip and has to follow the instructions. (If they are unwilling or unable to, they can pass – but they should talk about why they are reluctant to do it.)

Sex games are one route to better sex – but the best route involves being willing and able to communicate lovingly and openly (if tactfully) with a partner.

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